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Author's Words

There are two academic journals in the world, one is called "Science" and the other is called "Nature". Science and nature are actually two major approaches to human civilization. "Science" uses experiment, mathematics, logic, analysis, demonstration, physics, chemistry, etc to establish systems. Methods are medically developed into antibiotics, steroids, vaccines, etc. "Nature" uses a holistic view as well as intellectual intuition to establish a system according to the law of natural operations. Medical methods were developed such as Chinese medicine, Taoism, and Qigong. [Science] talents often criticize and attack [nature] methods for lack of effective verifications, saying that Chinese medicine and qigong do not have enough Western scientific support. [Nature] talents often criticize and attack [Science] for destroying nature and violating the laws of nature, saying that vaccines and antibiotics violate the laws of nature and trigger drug resistance and side effects. In my opinion, safe and effective can be accepted in short. 

Living in the world for more than 30 years in my life, most of which were entangled with diseases. Western doctors and Chinese medicine practitioners have been cconsulted for many many times. Chinese medicine and western medicine have been taken for almost 20 to 30 years. In the meantime, I read a lot of medicinal books and tried many alternative therapies for diseases. As a result, experiences and knowledge were accumulated and I want to share them with the public.  

SAFACURA is an idea just passed down from the God. It literally means "Safe Cure", which aims at providing safe therapeutic advice to people all over the world. So it was originated by and belongs to god and I am just the executor of SAFACURA.

Some diseases can be cured by self-medication, food therapy, qigong, and/or acupuncture. In addition, some diseases need to be cured by Western medicine, some diseases need to be cured by Chinese physicians, some diseases need to be cured by alternative therapies, and some diseases need to be cured by metaphysics. Furthermore, some require a combination of more than one therapy, depending on the situation. All in all, methods that can cure the diseases have its value.

The most effective way to treat diseases is to cure them before they are broken out. It is to be conditioned by the five-elements system of Chinese medicine. That is Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. Their techniques include Four Pillars Eight Diagrams numerology, Feng Shui, Yi Jing, Qi Men, Lu Yin, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Qigong, meridians guide, acupuncture, music, sports, etc.

[China Health One Plus One Project] is to have health first, then wealth, love, family, career, etc will be obtained. Without health, all the others such as wealth, love, family and career are equal to zero. However, in today's society, some diseases, such as the imbalance of Root Chakra, are caused by insufficient support for basic necessities (clothing, food, housing, and transportation). Therefore, it is necessary to have sufficient wealth to support our basic requirements. Normal people needs work for income to support their life, and children need their parents' support. Some diseases, such as schizophrenia, are caused by no spiritual carelessness. That is no life mission or working. So all people must have work or life mission, together with money to support our basic needs. Life mission must be found from our heart.

  On top of that, adequate healthy exercises must be taken everyday, including Qigong, sports (Taiji, Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, Liu Zi), meridians guide, yoga, etc.

If there is a problem or unbalance in our immune system, it is recommended to use Qigong, exercise, Chinese medicinal and/or diet therapy to modify them. Moreover, If surgical infections by bacteria, it is recommended to treat with Western medicine together with dieting some hepato-proective and reno-protective foods without affecting the effectiveness of antibiotics, steroids, etc. If the disease is intractable from bacteria, fungi, or viruses, probiotics can be considered. Traditional Chinese Medicine can also be thought over. In fact, which treatment method is better to be used depends on the actual situation.

The study and research of traditional Chinese medicine and natural products are long-term works, and foundation is needed for researches. That is, the author must first have a financial foundation and a healthy physical and mental strength to continue on. If someone unfortunately catch a disease and is decided that western drug treatment is too toxic to be tolerated, these alternative therapies would be tried. We cannot induce diseases to healthy animals (or even a person) to get a certain disease as a reason for trying drugs or alternative therapies. It is immoral to artificially put a bacterium into a human or animal, or to make a person sick with black magic or cursing without the patient consent. On the other hand, the right way to try alternative therapies is that if an animal or a person accidentally or naturally be suffered from a certain disease and they do not want to use traditional western medicines because of their toxicity.  

There are many other alternative therapies. They are painting therapy, fishing therapy, running therapy, reading therapy, piano therapy, photography therapy, etc. [Proverbs 17:22 A joyful heart is a good medicine, and a sad spirit dries up the bones. -Bible]: Finding some activities that let you relax and enjoy would be helpful on certain diseases. I have been photographing for more than ten years and I found that taking photograph helps relieving eczema. So find your own suitable relaxing and enjoying activities, in which it is better to be able to benefit the public without hurting yourself or others.
Furthermore, there is also a karma, that is, things owed to others should be returned to others as soon as possible or be contributed to the society. When finished, the disease would be cured. Taking drugs can enhance the effect. Chinese people advocates benevolence, and the Western religion advocates love. Well-being people with love would usually have fewer karma than those with hate.

More than ten years ago (about 2005), I have used Western chemistry method to study traditional Chinese medicine , to separate the ingredients of Chinese medicine, and to investigate in-vitro test for ingredients on mycobacterium tuberculosis. According to the understanding at that time, if the in-vitro test can acquire positive results, the ingredients can be tested in vivo and then clinical test can be carried out. If positive results are obtained, the ingredients can become a medicine. However, the action of traditional Chinese medicine is often not the direct killing of bacteria, but the improvement of human immunity to fight against bacteria. Sometimes the bacteria are inhibited my Chinese medicine, not completely killed. Therefore, I proposed an animal test to my supervisor. The sample ingredients that I isolated from a Chinese medicine was sent to Chicago which had prominent technology for testing. However, the result was negative, and therefore the lives of the white mouse were sacrificed. At that time, Fame and fortune was eager to win, but if it succeeds, it will benefit the patients suffering from tuberculosis. Also several ingredients were separated for 1-2 years. If the test did not be taken, the human effort, time and material resources would be wasted. Provided that I know the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the rat experiments would not be initiated and the tragedy would not be happened. From traditional Chinese medicine, some Chinese medicines always combine to form a prescription, not a single Chinese medicine, to cure diseases. According to the understanding at that time, I only have chemistry and scientific knowledge. That is, when a certain concentration of a component was reached, the bacteria could be killed. The separated components could be extracted from a large amount of a traditional Chinese medicine for drug testing. From Literature search in 2010, oleanolic acid was reported has synergistic effect on the antibiotic Rifampicin treatment of tuberculosis in-vivo, and it is also good for liver and kidney protection. Oleanolic acid is one of the compound I isolated during my research study at 2005. The research direction should be started from this direction. But at that time, I was busy every day to separate the ingredients, to do the in-vitro test, and to have some teaching assistants works without enough time to think about the research direction. Only performing separation of components and in-vitro test was difficult to get novel results. Sending the components isolated from plant to do white mouse testing maybe selfish, but if it succeeds, it will benefit the patients suffering from tuberculosis, and it will also add glory to the Chinese medical school and supervisor. Here, I apologize for the innocent white mice, I hope that their future life will no longer be manipulated, tested and studied by human beings, so that they can rest in peace, and reincarnate as soon as possible.

In recent years, many things have been changed, many antibiotics (antibacterial or antifungal) and steroids have developed rapidly, to the second and third generations, and then to the nth generation. Their  efficacies are better than before, and have less side effects on the body, liver and kidney. The damage is much lower than before, and even some of them are less toxic than using traditional Chinese medicine. This depends on the results of scientific research. Therefore, choosing which method is better to treat diseases is depending on the actual patient's physical condition, course of disease, severity level of disease, and environment. Is it better to use traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine? Is it better to use Chinese together with Western medicine? Or even alternative treatment is good? It depends on the actual situations. Perhaps medical consultant or doctor would be asked. As a result, the research of new drugs is still necessary. But this is a long-term work, and the research needs to have a foundation. It must have a financial foundation and a healthy physical and mental strength to continue moving forward. Natural products isolated compounds or chemically synthesized components are still required to be continued. They are then used at the test tube test and animal test (antibacterial, toxicity, immune system regulation, finding mechanisms, etc), and then tried to test with clinical humans. However, it needs money to pay for the rent, buy expensive laboratory equipments (a HLPC cost million dollars), and hire specialists (these studies require knowledge and a lot of time, but the author does not have enough spare time and has a lot of things to deal with).

Disease or research questions are welcomed to be sent via email, whatspp or wechat. (too much have been learned and sometimes concentrate on doing other things, I may not be able to respond immediately) The answer may not be perfect, but at least it can be for your reference. Overall, we will try our best to provide medical advice to people around the world in the most sincere and pragmatic manner, and learn humbly at the same time.

 There are two refrigerators in the house, one of which is dedicated to storing medicinal materials for support. My house has two refrigerators, one specializes in supporting medicinal materials. For some diseases, you can take medicine, diet, qigong, massage or acupuncture KO. For another diseases, you need Western medicine KO, some diseases rely on TCM doctor KO, and some diseases rely on alternatives. The treatment of some diseases rely on metaphysics KO, and some have more than one treatment KO, depending on the situation. Any method that can cure diseases has its value. I understand why a person of Shennong can encounter seventy poisons in one day.

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