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         NPAlbum originally is an international photo book of natural products. It changes its focus on commonly used Chinese Medicine because there are some international sources of natural products' photos in the internet such as Baidu, Google, etc. NPAlbum now mainly focus on publishing photos, videos and 4D Illustration and Record of commonly used Chinese Medicine. Short notes of the medical uses and applications for Chinese Medicine are also presented in Chinese. Other photos and videos of natural product would be broadcasted if author have enough resources such as time and money to handle.


    NPAlbum最初是一本有關天然產物的國際攝影集。後來它改變了方向對常用中藥材,原因是因為互聯網上已經有一些很好的天然產物圖片來源,例如百度,谷歌等。NPAlbum現在主要致力於發布常用中藥的照片,視頻以及4D展示 (3D影片) 和記錄,並以中文介紹其中藥材醫學用途和應用的簡短說明。如果作者有足夠的資源(如金錢和時間)來處理,則將發表更多天然產物的其他照片和視頻。


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Commonly used Chinese Medicine

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Examples of Natural Products


        If you find photo(s) in the album infringe copyright law, please email us to delete certain materials.

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