Natura Proda Medica is one of the leading international journals in the field of medicinal natural products with original research papers, journals and reviews from researchers worldwide.  It aims to share knowledge about the uses of natural products on treatment of diseases, as well as maintenance of human health. Welcome to submit papers for our publication. We will select and publish your papers in accordance with the necessity. Please contact us to remove certain materials if you think it violate any copyright law. We declare that the contents of this website never endanger national security.

  As for publishing articles to the academic journal Natura Proda Medica (  ), it is mainly to protect my knowledge acquired from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the School of Chinese Medicine and then spread it to the world. The experimental data is not my focus. They can be withdrawn at any time. My focus is on inheriting knowledge. The experimental data from the project of the Health Department was approved by my supervisor to be disclosed to the Macao Post-Graduate Seminar in 2005. The content was approved to be displayed and presented at 2005. The contents published afterwards were only the contents with some written descriptions, which were not something new and can be withdrawn at any time. The data of the tuberculosis research project was approved by my supervisor to be published, originally was desired to be disclosed to Planta Medica. However, it was later discovered that Planta Medica published animal researches, which did not match plant titled Planta Medica. Many others magazines are also like this, showing irrelevant content with the title of magazine. In the end, since my supervisor accepted the results can be published to the international magazines, Natural Proda Medica, which includes plants, animals and mineral researches was created. So the research findings put in here can have contents match magazine's title. Furthermore, many postgraduate students from local or international school, have first published the results of the research project to the international magazine and then filled in the thesis later. The research findings would be out of date if they were published when I got well 10 years later.


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